Beginning of Christianity???

I am writing a comparison essay between the two religions Buddhism and Christianity. I want my first paragraph to explain the difference in their beliefs in God to be. For explain Christians believe in god, Buddhist don’t? I was wondering if anyone could give me feedback on the beginning of Christianity, when did people start believing in god, and what is the story behind it... please give me as much information as you can. Thank you so much!

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    christian religion follow god

    buddism follow stons and pagans

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    The God of Christianity is the same God as the Jewish faith. So basically, God has always been worshipped since the beginning of time. The difference is the belief of the Savior/Messiah has come to earth in a human form (Jesus Christ) about 2000 years ago. Jesus, a sinless being, was sacrificed to atone all men for their sins. To a Christian, both God and Jesus are worshipped. In His absence in human form on earth, Christians also believe in a Holy Spirit that is always present around us and is also worshipped.

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    A more appropriate introduction would discuss when did Christians begin believing in Jesus Christ as the son God. That's one of the fundamental differences between Christianity and Judaism. If you want to learn about when "Christians" began believing in a god, you have to learn about Judaism, which Christianity stemmed from.

    To give a brief description of the former, divine ancestry was a common tool used to legitimize ones right to rule in those days. Egyptian pharoahs, Roman caesars, and Jesus Christ all claimed divine ancestry.

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    Christianity started when the disciples of Jesus started spreading the Gospel soon after Jesus's resurrection. Because they were persecuted in Jerusalem they were forced to take Christianity to the Gentile people--non Jews. This happened around 60 A.D.

    In the city of Anticoh they were first called Christians.

    Source(s): New Testament of the Holy Bible.
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    watch divenci code alot of truth in that movie about the begining of christianity.

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