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Will baking soda hurt Sugar Gliders?

I have a male Sugar Glider and, well, he stinks. I was wondering if I could put one of those new Arm and Hammer air filters in his cage. If that would harm him what could I do about the smell? (I don't want to have him neutered because we want to get a female and breed them)

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    Hi would be best to avoid place baking soda in the gliders enclosure since they are naturally curious and chewers as well. If there's any accidental ingestion this would be toxic to their delicate system. Consider using a urine enzymatic neutralizer such as Nature's Miracle which is non-toxic to wash down the enclosure weekly. This will help lower the strong pungent odour the glider gives off. I keep an air purifier nearby the enclosure also to help lower the strong scent.

    Source(s): Animal Trainer to domestics and exotics Owner & Rescuer of sugar gliders
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    no i would not put that in the cage he can get really sick. well of u ant to breed him get it over with. and u can wash him with a warm damp soap

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    No it will not hurt him

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