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Failure of PC laptop to fully start up?

My Acer Aspire 5000 frequently (but not always) doesn't quite finish it's start-up process, and I have to cold-boot. When I do that, I end up having to (OK, choosing to) sit through a blue-screen FAT32 file system check, which always reveals that everything is just swell.

What actually happens is this: I boot up. I get the XP screen allowing me to choose which of my configurations to load. I choose my config. I get my desktop. I'm happy. I click on Mozilla or IE... and nothing happens. I click again... nothing happens. I click on "start"... nothing happens. Then I cold-boot and sit through a FAT32 check - after that it's always fine.

I'm running Windows XP, Norton Utilities, and wireless LAN. I don't know if the problem is XP (is it unstable?), Norton (automatically loads at start-up), and/or wireless LAN (which automatically seeks a connection at start-up). About configs - I have 2, one for home and one for work, but their the same thing, really, since I work from home.


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    Run your recovery CD. you will have to back-up the things you want to save but that will put in back to normal.

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