am i pregnant??

I am a 19 year old female that has the same routine everyday for the past year or so. I get up every morning at about 3:30 for work and then two days a week I attend school. I work up to 9 hours a day and then I seem to go home and fall a sleep for a few hours. I have never done this before and it is really annoying. I usually come home and clean or something. It seems like I can never get enough sleep. Lately I have been feeling kinda crappy and I have been having headaches. It doesn't seem as though i am stressed about anything. I am sexually active and usually try to sleep up to 6-8 hours a night but it all depends on my schedule- just to give u guys more info.. i've been eatting real healthy, I haven't been doing anything after i got home from work for the past week to 2 weeks. and i usually have a hard time going to sleep at night, i think it is because i take the nap. I try not to fall a sleep, but i just can't help it. does it sound pregnancy? what could it be?! thanks! :)


its not as though i am sleeping around.. pinky... thanks though!

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    Right before I found out I was pregnant, all i did was sleep. I'm a morning person and I'm always bright and happy in the mornings and then fall asleep at about 11pm.

    Well, with this pregnancy it's like I worked my 9 hours, got home at 6:30 and was asleep by 7:30. I had 10 hours of sleep and would still be exhausted. I also felt really sick but not throw up sick. More like flu-ish.

    So it's a possibility that you are pregnant. If you are having symptoms then it's not too early to test.

    Updated to add...

    IGNORE ALL THE IDIOTS THAT WOULD RATHER SAY STUPID SHYT RATHER THEN GIVE YOU ADVICE. I understand that y ou are young, 19 is very young. But that doesn't mean that you sleep around and it doesn't mean that you are any different from anyone else.

    The purpose of yahoo answers is to ask a question and get advice. I'm sorry some people don't understanf that.

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    It amazes me how many people ask total strangers on Yahoo! answers if they are pregnant.

    Go to the drug store, and get a pregnancy test. Follow the directions, tell us the result, then we will have a better idea.

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    Take a test to be sure, but it really could be anything.

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    if you miss your period take a test. if your not go see a doctor. it does not sound normal to me. good luck.

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    If you think you are pregnant, you should take a test.

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    more wishful thinking

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    yes you are pregnant with two twins why do every teen think she can just sleep with every men you are such a retard

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