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Cable internet help??

i am using cable broadband and sometimes my internet is so fast up to 2 megabyte per sec and sometimes it is slow down to 5 kilobyte per sec. it is very annoying and i also notice that the site the internet goes fast, it is always fast and the site where the internet is slow,it is slow. why is this happening??any good solution

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    Several factors can play into your experience of surfing... First off is that Cable Internet is a shared bandwidth meaning that you and like 50 of your neighbors all share the line and bandwidth. If someone sucks it all up then there is very little for you.

    Another one is the site itself. It may be bogged down or be on a slow connection. The server could be having issues that slow its response and such.

    Yet another factor that would explain why you go fast and then slow and such is do you have a wireless router? Is it secure? Check that and see if you are wide open and then lock it down if it is. If you are wide open than anybody can be using your signal for free and nothing you can do about it but lock them out.

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    Cable internet broadband never runs at a constant speed busiest times around breakfast and dinner and early evening. (everythings a little slower) As far as fast sites and slower sites are concerned, some sites very large bandwidth which means they can accept many visitors at once....then there are some web sites that have a small bandwidth capability and they are very slow if there is a lot of traffic trying to access them. And when the cable is slow in your area everything slows down. You may if you can afford it up your cable to the faster services your cable company offers and if you already have the faster services then there is something wrong - -very wrong -- call the tech support at the cable company and they will help you.

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    your modem can only upload data as fast as the site it is connected to down loads it. That is the price you pay for being smart enough to have a cable modem.

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    hmmm, U live in an apartment building?

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