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I want to become a makeup artist. How do I go about this.?

I'm 15 and love experimenting with makeup. I think I'd like to become a make up artist. How do I go about being a makeup artist.

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    just find a school to go to, or maby depending on where your living, (some places might have it some might not) but some after school calsses for teaching it. look online theres probally alot, and talk to your parents they might beable to hlp as well :-)

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    First of all get all the experience you can. Do makeup on everyone who will let you near them. Try to find people with lots of different skin tones young and old. Always take good pictures. There great for a portfolio and will help you realize the progress you are making as you get better.

    If your school has drama club get involved. If not look for a theater in your town and volunteer to do makeup. You will have to do more than just beauty makeup but the experience is great and will help you in the future have references. Volunteer at nursing homes to do mini makeovers. You get to practice and make someones day brighter.

    Eventually you will need to go to school and get your estheticians license. You can take just esthetician courses which licenses you to do facials and apply products to the skin. Or you can take cosmetology which covers hair and skin.

    You can go to school to study beauty makeup or go to a specialized school and learn all types including mask making and special effects.

    Either way a good portfolio, references and expedience help allot.

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    You can take ROP classes for makeup artist. These classes teach you about makeup and how to apply, this can help you later work in the makeup departments at stores. If you like it then just pursue this career by attending a professional beauty school so you can work with actors and models.

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    You should first go to a makeup school so you can learn the tricks of the trade. The only well known ones are out in California. Thats where Im going to start school in a couple months. Ive always wanted to be a makeup artist and Im just now FINALLY following my dream. Im going to Westmore Academy. It looks like an awesome school and I cannot wait. You should check it and other schools out online.

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    I've a cousin who was a "make-up artist" working at Universal Studios. She went to a cosmotolgy school, graduated and took her state exam for licensing. Then, she went to the employment office there at the studio and applied. She didn't stay with the studio very long. The hours were absolutely horrible, the pay wasn't THAT great and they kept sending her to some really out of the way places. So, no clamour, no money and really horrible hours... Last I'd heard, she was working for Betty Ford. Hmmm. Knock yourself out!

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    Well, 1st you have 2 be positive that you are good at applying make up. also you have 2 study cosmetology or somethin like that. You have 2 go 2 beauty school and work your way up! Beauty school should tell you how 2 do that!

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    try if you are really good start off maybe doing makeup for weddings or parties and work your way up

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    u should probably know how to put on ur makeup and other peoples..

    theres a start

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