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Can't afford gifts?

I can't afford to buy anyone gifts for christmas this year and I feel bad about it. Is there any other ways to show your love for friends and family besides buying gifts?

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    There are free electronic cards on the internet......and you could call them to the computer to receive their special card from YOU.

    And you can make cards from them....when was the last time you used that creative part of you?

    Your mother and grandmother will appreciate anything from you. you're moving soon.

    GOD Bless

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    You can get creative and make stuff. I'm making my gf a small water fountain that will have fish(real living fish) in it. It's probably around $20 to make, is easy, and looks great. Who doesn't love looking at those things in the stores.

    You can also make art. If you don't have the resources to paint or draw you can make collage art and just cut and paste imagery that appeals toward the person and frame it. From magazines old newspaper anything. They can look really good if you do it right.

    You can write poems. Go to a second hand thrift store. But, materialism shouldn't matter. People should appreciate people for who they are not expectations of gifts. Words and kind gestures can go a lot farther than gifts. If they are good people they will understand.

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    Absolutely and it is great that you are bighearted enough to want to do something for your loved ones! I would buy a box of Christmas cards in the dollar store and in each card, explain that you cant afford a gift but then write something you can personally do for each of them- example- maybe your grandma needs help getting to the doctors, or some other chore- and you can promise to take her - x amount of times, and so on for the other loved ones. I know I have two daughters that live out of the area and I would love to get a card that stated they would promise to come and visit me on my birthday. Think about that, because birthdays are the loneliest day of the year and most family members are working and cant visit- so you may be in a position to use that example for someone you love and it will mean a great deal to them! Merry Christmas!!!

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    A coupon book is a nice gift. If it's for your mother you could offer to clean the kitchen take her shopping or do the shopping for her. Girlfriend, foot message, a night on the town where she gets to choose. Of course you know the people you would like to give this to so you would want to make it something that would be special to them but I think this would be a great gift and not cost money just time and time is much more important.

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    Just be there to help people. Your presence is so important.

    Just be there.....many people are alone during the holidays. If they invite you, GO where you are invited. Visit people. Hug people. That is all that matters.

    I have been filthy rich, and went many years too poor to buy gifts. When you look back on it, the time you spend with people is the ONLY thing that is NEVER what you bought for people that is remembered.

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    What about just doing something for them? Like run errands,help take down Holiday decorations,help to clean out garage? What about having them over for a potluck and a movie? Everyone could bring a favorite food,or snack and you all just sit down and enjoy some time together?

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    spending time together is the best gift i think!!

    ....if you want to give them something tho why not give the gift of your skills??

    if you're a gardener, do some yard work for them

    if you cook, make them dinner

    wash their car

    do some of their errands.


    you can make a little card that says something like "i'm giving you the gift of TIME.....i'll do 2 hrs of yardwork for you so that you can relax and spend time doing whatever you like!"

    ......i know a-lot of people would love that!!

    take care and enjoy the holidays!!

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    I can't afford anything this year. So I am baking cookies. All different kinds. Freezing them and packing them in Tins I found at Big Lots for $2.00 each, I hope they will enjoy them.

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    Send a card, and you can also call and say Merry Christmas, it's the thought. Merry Christmas.

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    make cookies and put them into baggies with bows or baskets.

    makes candy or cakes. I love getting hot chocolate mix in a coffee mug or a mason jar.

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