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Professional References on a job application form?

I got stuck with this one, I nedd to put a professional reference on my job application form but I can't think of any and is it like someone not related to you that introduced you , for example in my case, to american eagle outfitters



but what is the purpose of putting references?..sorry!

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    A teacher or professor, A friend of the family, A member in a group you might be a part of. Those are some other areas to consider.

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    When it comes to references they are typically looking for personal references so you would put their home address. If you put a work reference down then you would fill out the job title and company and you would use their work address.

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    You can use your friends, former co-workers if possible, teachers you like, classmates and perhaps your school's guidance counselor. Remember: choose people who you can depend on for that reference. And make sure you choose people you've known for at least a year.

    Happy job hunting!!

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