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Am I using GNC supplements like amphetamines?

I find out that if I don't take the supplements, I walk around drowsy all day.

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    Depends on the supplements, b vitamins will keep you energy levels up. Caffine supplements will make you crash hard. Are you exercising regularly, I've noticed that without that im drowsy all the time too. good luck.

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    Some have similar traits depending on the supplement. Amphetamines are more like adipex or phentermine. GNC supplements are no where near as strong.

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    If you can get amphetamines from GNC you'd better call the cops on that store!! lol

    Amphetamines are a class 2 narcotic, and are only available with a prescription.

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    Your body gets used to working at a particular level. If you take a lot of B-Complex, for example, and miss some, your mood will drop and you will feel off. If you take a multivitamin and miss it, you will feel icky. That is just how it works.

    You need to miss a day every so often to avoid toxic buildup in the system of some suppliments (goldenrod and echanecia are two of them that can cause problems).

    I would be curious to know the suppliments you are taking.

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