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gf's mad at

my gf's mad at me because on the way to her nephew's birthdya (he's turning 7) she told me to stop off and get a card and a small gift. and i int have much time so i just grabbed the first things i saw.. i got him a small switch blade. i figure he could ddefend himself. nobody lied that though, now my gf is mad at me.....

what do ido????

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    Just tel her you dont know what to get a 7 year old and get him something different and take it to him

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    she is right to be mad at you. Gifts like that should not be given to a 7 year old. A more appropiate gift would have been some kind f toy car or action figure. Just admit to her that you were wrong and go out and buy a real gift for him.

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    In the future tell your GF to get her nephew a gift my niece just turn 7 yrs old too and I got her gift it was not a good idea to give a child a knife but she is to blame for not getting her own gift for him !

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    Well, first of all you should have looked to see what you were buying--7 year olds definitely don't need switchblades, lol. But you made an honest mistake, and as long as you apologize to her and to everyone else and tell them it was a mistake, then she should be understanding and forgive you :)

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    That was an bad gift for anyone. You need to apologies to your girlfriend, tell her, you do not know where your head was at. and go to the toy store and get the kid a nice toy!, that I am sure will make your girlfriend happy! Next time think with your head!

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    Common the kid is 7, and way to young for that. You could try apologizing to the whole family and getting her flowers to show that you are sorry.

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    STUPID.... You don't get a 7 year old a switchblade! Of course she is mad, not at the gift, your stupidity and lack of thought. God, guys are such douches sometimes!!!!

  • a switch blade for a 7 year old? wow, no wonder she's mad at you.

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    just tell her you were not sure what things he was into b/c there is so much new things aroung know that wasnt when you were that age and you grabbed something you would have liked as a kid and your sorry

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    Not much you can do, you dug your own grave man! All you can do now is tell her that next time if she wants soemthing to tell you whatto pick up or get it herself.

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