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I want to buy my bosses a gift for their Alaskan Cruise-Anybody got any hot gift ideas??

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    If you know which cruise line they will be taking, contact the cruise line and order something for them onboard ship - bottle of wine, flowers, gifts, shipboard credit, etc.

    If you are unsure of what to get, then consider a picture frame or photo album from the cruise line. They may be allegic to flowers, they may not be wine drinkers, candy might not fit their diet, and a shipboard credit might be out of your price range. A frame or album will connect you with lovely memories of their cruise and is usually one of the most affordable of the overpriced items offered by the cruise line.

    If you want to purchase something prior to their departure, then I would suggest a pair of portable binoculars - affordable (about $30) and easy to pack.

    Contact the cruise line and you can order a gift and have a note with your bon-voyage message delivered with it. You'll probably have to do this at least 7 days prior to the departure of their cruise.

    Hope these suggestions help.

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    Every cruise line website has an entire menu of items that can be purchased and presented to your bosses on board. These gifts/items range from bottles of wine to spa treatments to casino credits to on-board credits for their use for whatever they would like to purchase, including shore excursions and gratuities.

    Just find out which cruise line they're sailing on and go to one of the links below. I'll list the most popular Alaska cruises:


    www.rccl.com (Royal Caribbean)



    My clients always appreciate a gift presented on-board.

    Have fun shopping!

    Source(s): I am a cruise consultant specialist.
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    Little late in the year for an Alaska cruise, unless they are going by the Alaska Marine Highway ferry system (better than a cruise), so I assume they are going in the spring. If they are going to the Southeast (Ketchican, Juneau) give them a stylish raincoats and hats, or for old fogies, an umbrella. If they end up in the interior, give them a gold pan, and a good pair of water resistant hiking boots. And don't forget the mosquito repellent.

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    Unless, you want to buy them something extra they can use aboard why not just throw the a party before they leave. The cruise lines offer just about everything and you don't want to get them something they don't like. Besides the ships every port of call offers tons of things to do & see. Go with a party.

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    I work for a line and the most popular items that are purchased for gifts are....


    Gift Baskets


    Shipboard credits

  • Best Gift--Binoculars ... They will use them everyday on their Alaska Cruise

    Source(s): Travel Agent
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    A warm coat, life jacket and some gravol (for that upset stomach)

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