Why must spiritual perfection include virginity?

I've heard a lot of talk, specifically in the "da Vinci Code" sections, about how Christ could not have been married, because he was perfect and therefore a virgin. This talk also implies that he lusted after Mary Magdalene - as humans do. He was not God, he was a man; specifically engineered, so I'm told, to be a human male. So why is it so impossible for religious believers to accept that he was exactly that? Jesus was a human man, and therefore had human emotions and lusts. It does not darken his position in the least.

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    not necesary

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    I know squat about the Da Vinci Code but no. If you think about it the bible says that "God created man and woman. So a man shall leave his family and live with his wife" God wants some of us to lose our virginity because how else is this world going to survive?

    Plus don't trust the Da Vinci code it's 100% fiction. Jesus had no wife child or lusing. He did however have a temper.

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    Spiritual perfection does not include virginity - if a person is married. Rather the Bible says that for a married couple to without sexual relations from each other for any extended time - unless it is to give themselves for a time to prayer - is wrong. And that as soon as the time of prayer is done, they are to come together again.

    But for those who are not married, sexual relations are a sin. If Jesus was married, then he would have enjoyed relations with his wife. If he was not married, he would have refrained from relations.

    Whether Jesus was married or not would not affect his perfection. Whether he was a whore would.

    On the issue of his marriage, if you believe the Bible, Jesus began his ministry knowing that within three years he would be crucified, resurrected, and would return to heaven. Would it be a act of love then to marry a woman and then abandon her, pregnant, to raise her child alone within a father? No. It would be an act of cruelty. It would have crushed the woman's heart, burdened her finances, and endangered her life since his enemies were seeking to kill anyone who followed him. Surely his wife would be number one on the hit list. No one who truely loved a woman would do that to her.

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    When that movie came out, and Christians were mad about it, all we ever heard was that this was "Just a Movie".

    Now, as expected, people who know no better are using it as a bases for faith or lack of faith.

    Now it is my turn to tell you, IT IS JUST A MOVIE!!!!

    Jesus was without sin, Lust is a sin. Whoever told you that Jesus was "Just a Man" told you wrong.

    If you invest time in watching the movie, and listening to what non-Christians say about Jesus, don't you owe to yourself and truthfulness to spend the same amount of time and energy studying why Christians DO believe in the Divinity of Jesus?

    Your eternity may just hang in the balance.

    If you want to know what and why Christians believe you can go to:




    Peace and God Bless you!

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    that's the funny thing about humans. One of our biggest natural pleasures is considered sinful. We are the only animal on this planet that denies our nature and relegates it to a state of impurity.

    Note also that the highest female figure in Christianity is called a virgin, even after having given birth and being married. I think this is a very male thing. Remeber there are still men who have Madonna/whore relationship with women. Is being lustful (or desirous of sex) something that men feel makes them weak?

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    Who ever said that spiritual perfection includes virginity?

    Men and women that are married CAN attain spiritual perfection.

    Don't read too much into Dan Browne's book "The DaVinci Code." It is purely a work of fiction.

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    the davinci code says a lot of crazier things than jesus was married (which doesnt taint his perfection, you are right)

    i think ppl have more problems with its claims that:

    -Jesus wasnt divine

    -Jesus wanted Mary Mag, not Peter, to create the church

    -The church has covered this up and we all are sheep

    -evidence of this is everywhere, but we are too dumb to see it

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    True. And I agree with that posture.

    However it is far too difficult for those who have set the stage many centuries ago... It is much easier for them to stick with what has been said before by their early church leaders who had decided to make sex unwholesome as a whole.

    Peace be with you.

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    My guess would be that it takes being human out of the equation. That way the one that is worshiped is viewed as having no flaws. I do agree that it is a preposterous notion.

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    Virginity is a term used to describe what a person has when he or she has not yet engaged in sexual intercourse. A person who still has his or her virginity can accordingly be described as being a virgin. In broader usage of these terms, they can characterize a state of unimpacted purity. To be pure means to be whole. untouched, clean, pure... get the picture.

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    I couldn't agree more!

    There is 18 years of Jesus life missing from the bible. Why? It was custom of the time for Jewish men to marry young and in arranged marriages.

    I believe that Jesus loved a woman in his life. He was a human man!!!!

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