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i know it might sound funny but what are some symptom's if a girl is pregnant???

please help me with this waht are some symtoms of pregnanacy ?? my girl already took the home pregnancy tests but they were negative but she havent had her period yet is already 5 days are those test accurate?? and she had what she tough is was her period but one day only what shoul i do ??

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    sounds like she could be pregnant. I did not test positive for my 3 kids until i was about 10-14 days late.

  • m930
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    They are usually acurate- the EPT test was a good one- you can see the lines clearly- I took that one after taking a generic brand one- the Meijer generic brand one- I could barely even see the line at all!

    anyways, I felt like I was getting the flu- bad nausea- especially towards smells- alcohol, coffee, ciggs, etc. I had a stuffy nose that wouldn't go away no matter what all throughout my pregnancy. My boobs felt like they were huge, then they became very very sore- more than usual. My stomach was harder when touching it- then when I showed more, it was hard as a rock.

    I also had the "feeling" I was pregnant, I knew I was. I went to Meijer's and saw folic acid on sale, and bought some- that's really good for the baby-before and during pregnancy. I also grabbed a pregnancy test. Took it, and I sure was- I was only 2 weeks preggo at the time!

    Goodluck, a blood test will tell you for sure if she is or not... I'd wait a little bit, see if she gets her period, and if still no period, then take another test, and if negative, I'd go to the doctor then.

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    when I missed my period i took one and it was negative but about a week later I was going to the bathroom like every half hour (peeing) then I took another and it was positive

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