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My girlfriend wants wrestler but she can't she is to short and she smoke do you think there is?

something i can do to help be come a wrestler like trian her or something

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    Honestly it doesn't matter if she smokes as long as long as it doesn't affect her that much, I mean if she gets really easily winded or has lung cancer then yeah it matters. Height doesn't really matter much either. As for you training her, if you are not a professional wrestler how can YOU train her?, most likely there is some kind of wrestling school somewhere around where you live, get her REAL training, check the Internet for local schools, if she does not get proper training she could seriously injure herself or even worse someone else. Good Luck.

    Source(s): You people are crazy if you think that no wrestler smokes, lol
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    She can be a wrestler only if she stops smoking look at Rey Mysterio he is small and he was the heavy weight champion

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    i'm assuming this isn't in an English speaking country...

    Try putting her in one of those medevil body stretching devices

    and tell her not to smoke...

    i think that last part's pretty obvious...but hey...i'm sure it can go right over some people's heads

    sorry bout my spelling - especially after i insulted your english -

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    lol tell her to stop smoking

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    I didn't undersatnd what you meant????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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