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Lily18 asked in Pregnancy & ParentingPregnancy · 1 decade ago

Is it possible that I could be pregnant again??


LMP was sept 30, next one should have been Oct 28-29-30. It was a no- show. First test was light positive, next ones were all neg. Finally i started spotting Nov 12 , went to doc he says i miscarried and my tubes are now open?!? I passed something nov 12 ( about 4am so i really could not see). Bleeding stopped on the 15th

I ovulated somewhere around Thanksgiving ... hubby says we will take whatever God gives us and go with that ( in reference to the possibility of my tubes having grown back). My next period is due Dec 9 ... now im feeling nauseous tired boobs achy and all that fun stuff i went through LAST month. Dr did do a beta hCG on Nov 15 which was negative.

Question: did i miscarry or not? and if so could i be pregnant again? I do not want to worry myself into another miscarriage.

We also were not trying to get pregnant so there is no reason why i would imagine that i am . Sorry this is long but this is so confusing!!

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    well stressing also causes missed periods, so try not to stress over it and relax and see if you get it, if not talk to your doctor and have the doctor check you and see what is going on.. Good Luck

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    If you r not using birth control, u could possibly b pregnant again. u could also b pms rt. now. i'd wait until your late to take any tests. Don't stress about it too much. just make sure your eating properly and not drinking until u know for sure. Good Luck!

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    1 decade ago

    Yes. You are pregnant.

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