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Which is the best 40" HDTV in market now? What are its pros and cons?

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    ABSOLUTE NONE!!!!!!! don't make a purchase until later first quarter of 2007. BOY!! they look so beautiful the picture is looking GREAT I want one I want one! STOP IT! You buy one your a damn fool because right now the product is so new that even the manufacturers don't know whats going to happen. This will make or break MANY japan TV Companies.... SO FAR the module for the plasma is $1,150.00 not including repair or shipping! YES they all have a warranty BUT look at the fine print! It is going to cost you $475.00 UP FRONT to send your Beautiful HD TV that you cried so much about.. Now you will be crying in seven months when you still don't have your TV BACK!!!! BUDDY do yourself some homework! call your neighborhood TV repairer place and they will tell you the same thing NOT WORTH IT at least not yet~ sounds like you purchased a YUGO Automobile when they first came out

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    The best rated are probably the Sony Bravia or the Samsung.

    Sony's Bravia 40XBR2 is their top of the line (1080p) with the Bravia V and S series being more affordable, but still great sets. The picture quality is outstanding on the Sony. I have the Bravia KDL-40S2010 which is 780P and the picture is sharp with very rich, vivid colors. Excellent clarity. From what I understand a 1080P is a bit of overkill when it comes to a 40" and it would take an expert to tell the difference between 780p and 1080p. Samsung was my second choice. Sharp my third. They also get good ratings.

    I believe with the top brands you get better quality control as well as generally more features and settings for fine tuning. You also get the comfort that the parts availability will be there for you in the future, which is the biggest drawback of off-brand cheaper manufacturers.

    Hope this helps!

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    cant really help, except for that laser HDTV's will be out within the next couple years, and they'll be 1/2 the price of LCD and plasma, + they have better quality. good luck!

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    i dont know. most companies r good. look for sony or samsung. HD. 780p. look for THE DLP tvs. NO CONS, except take up more space that plasma. ALL PROS BESIDES THAT

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