monza chevy?

What are the Monza Mirage's worth today? So few were made, is there a market out there that would make one worth restoring? I have yet to find one that is for sale.

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    1 decade ago
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    A car like this has a limited group of fans, unlike the Camaro or Chevelle that has legions of followers. This car was not a muscle car so can't cash in on that identity either. Is it worth restoring? Depends on the amount of work needing done. If you want to fix the car up because you like it is one thing but if you are thinking you can turn it over for a big amount of money I'd say save your money and restore something more desirable.

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    I am not sure what the previous answer meant by "muscle car". The Monza Mirage was a small econo-crate with a 302 small block engine. That comes pretty close to the concept of muscle car to me. The few I could find on the web were featured on the front covers of major automotive magazines and there are a few of them out there. If I had access to a restorable one I would do it and probably never be sorry. I can remember when they thought that my 69 Merc Monterrey convertible was worthless. Now try and buy one for under twenty five grand.

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    1 decade ago

    these cars have a "cult following" like the chevy vega and corvair. normal people won't look or think twice about it, but if you find the right person who had that as their first car or something, you might get some money.

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