How can Haiti be help after going over 33 coup d'etat?

A coup d’État (pronounced /ku de'ta/) is the sudden overthrow of a government through unconstitutional means by a part of the state establishment — mostly replacing just the high-level figures. It may or may not be violent in nature. It is different from a revolution, which is staged by a larger group and radically changes the political system. In Haiti, it was a very violent moment. The recent one was in February 2004.

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    1. Fire every one from the Ministeries.

    2. Start recruiting people for the Ministries ,half the staff from the original numbers with double the salaries. My experiance in Haiti, the more people you recruit , the less amount of work is done.

    Look for quality not quantity.

    3. Improve secruity., have a better trained police force.

    4. Look for alternative energy. How do you expect business to function if there's no electricity.

    5. Invest in education

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    Don't let the US meddle in their affairs. Educating everyone is very important.

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