What is the reason that the Military camoflage was changed to the digital pattern?

The change in camoflage pattern from the traditional flowing patterns to this digitized effect...what is the reason behind it?

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    the DCU is a better form of camouflage than the BDU. the little squares in the DCU blur at a distance providing better concealment for the wearer. it has nothing to do with urban combat. note that there is no black in the DCU while there is in the BDU. black is not found in nature and can give away a soldier's position.

    the changing of the colors used in the army's uniform was part of a broader campagn to modify the uniform to better suit the needs of the soldier. pockets were adjusted to be usable while wearing armor. sizes and proportions were adjusted for comfort, and the fabric was changed for comfort and ease of maintenance.

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    The reason is twofold:

    First the digital pattern shows up poorly on night vision devices


    second: The human vision system evolved to detect lines and shapes. The pattern of dots is harder for the brain to process and turn into a recognizable image.

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    once I entered the militia back in Jan ninety six, the Air tension replaced into transitioning their BDU's from an Aircrew type call Tag (finished call / Rank / branch) to the final call Tapes and branch Tapes which you spot on militia uniforms right now. at that factor, all branches of the militia have been issued and wearing the woodland type Camoflage conflict gown Uniform (BDU) that they might positioned on because of the fact the activity Uniform. those days, each militia branch desperate to have a try against uniform that's unique in visual attraction to their particular branch that could separate them from the different branches. the army and Marines have a digital type camouflage uniform with Velcro patches for call Tapes / branch Tapes / Unit Identifier / etc. The Air tension has transitioned to a digital type tiger stripe layout with sewn on tapes and rank patches. Unknown what the army and Coast shelter have transitioned to. each branch of the militia has a Uniform assessment Board that approves or disapproves positioned on / adjustments to the uniform. With the uniform layout adjustments comes advancements interior the upkeep and function of the uniform so much less time and funds spent conserving your uniform serviceable. a number of those adjustments incorporate Wash and positioned on vs Dry sparkling and Starch uniforms / Swede type (no polish) Boots vs Black leather-based Boots that require polish / association of wallet to greater desirable get admission to products / procedures in those wallet. I saved all of my Uniforms (BDU / desert BDU / Boots) that are actually seen old / unservicable for todays militia standards of harm.

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    The digital stuff is supposed to work better. Also I believe this will be the one uniform for desert and woodland areas instead of the two required now. This stuff is all extensively tested at Natick Laboratories in Massachusetts.


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    because its supose to camoflage them WAY better. my husband said its so even when there moving you cant see them (active camoflage) hes in the army and has to wear that ugly thing ha ha and also the fabric keeps in there body heat so you cant see them with a heat detector, jus there head and hands lol

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    Before military branches Had different uniforms for combat (green for jungle and tan for desert). The digital uniform is used for both, its more universal, considering most areas occupied by US forces will (and are) desert soundings. Plus they are easier to maintain and better material.

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    Keeping up with the Jone's. The most effective were Tiger Stripes.

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    It is because we have to keep up with a technologically advanced foe. Digital warriors for a digital age. Er ... that's it.

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    To better adapt to the new sites on weapons and high tech binocular type instruments

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    its just another sneaky way to get more money out of soldiers...come out with a new uniform that costs an arm and a leg every couple of years

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