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I need help withReflexive verbs in Spanish?

i dont know when to use vistoME or me visto. How do you know how to use them in a sentence??

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    Reflexive pronouns go in front of a conjugated verb:

    I wash myself. = Me lavo. (Reflexive - normal "o" ending with reflexive pronoun "me".)

    You wash yourself. = Te lavas.

    (S)he washes him/herself. = Se lava.

    We wash ourselves. = Nos lavamos.

    Y'all wash yourselves. = Os lavais. (Accent on the second "a".)

    They wash themselves. = Se lavan.

    And attached to the end of an infinitive verb:

    I like to shave. = Me gusta afeitarme.

    You need to shower. = Necesitas ducharte.

    He wants to get dressed. = Quiere vestirse.

    Etc. etc. etc.

    Hope this helps.

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    Good question.

    In Spanish, a general rule is to put the reflexive pronoun before the verb.

    The only case where it's okay to put the reflexive after the verb is if the verb is in infinitive form or the progressive participle. But in that case it's still okay to put it before, too, as long as you put it in front of the entire verb group.


    Yo me llamo Juan.

    NOT Yo llamo me Juan.

    Ella quiere bañ****.

    Ella se quiere bañar.

    NOT Ella quiere se bañar.

    Yo voy a afeitarme mañana.

    Yo me voy a afeitar mañana.

    NOT Yo voy me a afeitar mañana.

    Yo me estoy peinando.

    Yo estoy peinándome.

    NOT Yo estoy me peinando.

    The one exception is if you are using a "command" form to make a suggestion; then you always put the reflexive pronoun at the end of the verb:


    NOT Nos bañemos.

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    The pronoun always goest first unless it's the infinitive or the imperative (command).

    Me visto is "I dress myself"

    Se viste is "She dresses herself" or he.

    Vistete! Is the command "Dress yourself!"

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    youre asking the right person here, it doesnt make any difference to use one or the other, me visto is more common and vistoME is a coloquial form ot the ver, you use it when you meant to sound funny or somewhat weird, is like sayng lavoME or me lavo, secoMe or me seco.

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