Can anyone help me stick with it?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for a little over 6 months. I suddenly just stopped loving him. I mean I still like him as a friend and I want to stay with him longer but I haven't felt any closeness to him lately. I can't break up with him because he's going to a dance show for me and christmas is ocming up and i just plaine don't want to. So I guess I'm asking if anyone can give me advice to feel close to him again.

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    What you're experiencing is somewhat normal. It's called the "honeymoon phase" when you're all obsessed and can't get enough. When it ends, (that's why it's called a phase) you have to start looking at new ways to be attracted. For example, you love his friendship. Did you know that for married couples, friendship is what you'll have left at the end of the day? Honestly? It's not that lovey-dovey feeling or that passion. You'll end up with hopefully you're best friend. That soul companion that you can talk to and share with and trust 100%. Believe me, once you have that, everything else just falls right into place!

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    So.. you want to keep up apperances through the holidays? or are you just a gold digger and are staying around for the presents?

    sorry.. if you don't really like the guy anymore just get out. Tell him that you know the timing sucks but you just don't feel the same way anymore.

    pssst.. thats why we date!!! to find out who we get on with and who is just a fancy. there is never a perfect time to break up. Thats why I feel that until you are almost 30 that you should just casually date - lots of different people - so that you can find out what you like and don't without having all this type of baggage.

    there really isn't any way to feel close to someone you don't feel close to.. you just end up faking it and most people can tell when you are (even if he can't so you would be embarrasing both yourself and him by doing that).

    Please.. just tell him its over and move on.

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    you really can't force yourself to feel things....

    i can understand not wanting to break up because of the timing, but that is what you should's not fair to use him like that

    ....if you really want to give it a second could try reminiscing about happy times together and remember why you fell for him in the first place

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    get a lover on the side

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    if you feel that way this soon you better move on

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