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Where can I find stories on Internet Prowlers or Pedophiles that I can share with my 12yr old using chat rms?

She was using a Yahoo chat room and an e-mail account to communicate with older boys. I use older boys in a vague way because their true age and identity unknown and one boy asked her if she wanted to be online boyfriend and girlfriend. I heard there was a recent discovery of a 38yr old man using various ID's, ages and websites to offer Meth and sex to 14yr old girls and younger. Word is he had a Myspace.com account with 15,000 14yr old "friends". Does anybody have more info on this?

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    authentic , it became extraordinary,i imagine she must have idea that by having them share a room she would stand extra danger of being rehoused ,yet she had all of it worked out incorrect. shame for the lad ,kinda unusual that the Dad couldn't stay there both ,yet i wager she were given extra help financially being on her personal after the dad lost his interest ,yet at what fee to her family contributors?? .besides happy they were given the help they needed ,although i imagine the community councils might want to do a lot extra tbh.

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    Google search on it, internet preditors

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    the way you spell and abbreviate words leads me to believe you may not have a daughter

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