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Is my 2-year-old developing normally?

My soon-to-be 2yo already knows letters, numbers, colors, and puts together sentences (been doing this since about 18 months). I don't know if that's advanced for his age or not. If it is, I want to continue to encourage it. And if it's not I don't want to push him thinking he's brilliant. I don't have anyother kids to compare to.

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    My 21 month old is doing the same thing, not clear senteneces, but close & knows his right/left, potties standing up, wipes, flushes, washes his hands, helps around the house & so forth.

    I would like to think my son is brilliant, but in all aspects I know he is learning day by day from watching me. I think the more you teach a child, even early on, they learn.

    Keep up the good work, don't push him or expect any more from him then what he can handle or thing's may turn sour on you. Always show much praise!!!!!

  • There's such a wide range of normal but it's sounds good to me! It doesn't really matter, though, since you should be encouraging him in the same way no matter if you think he's ahead or behind other children. Encourage him to learn more each day through play and on outings and normal stuff. Don't break out the flash cards or college entrance exam practice tests quite yet! :) Don't push, just love! :)

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    My daughter was exactly the same at 18 months. She's 8 now, not a genius, but she's of normal intelligence. I did encourage her and provide her with lots of learning experiences during those years, so yes, encourage him, but don't push him.

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    No matter what, encourage your child's developement! Sounds like he is right on track, maybe a little ahead of the average, but keep doing things to help him develope. Pushing him a little will only help him! Just keep it fun, and don't take it to the point of frustrating him. Be happy - you have a smart little guy! Support that!

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    Yes he is advanced for his age especially since he is a boy! It's not unheard of for little girls to be sharp at that age but boys generally take longer to "get" things. Atleast thats what my pediatrician says. I have a 2 yr old daughter and she is smarter than all the other kiddos she plays and interacts with. Does that mean she will be an einstien? No, but I think she has a greater advantage than the others to be smarter in the long run. You are obviously doing something right and I suggest to keep pushing him to learn more. You never know what your little ones are capable of until you put it in front of them!

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    CHildren learn like they grow in spurts and bounds and some grow or learn faster or slower or at different times soemtimes its like whoe other times its like when is this going to happen already. Every child is different and different is good.

    Yes I think your child is doing exceptionally well for that age group. and may continue I've heard of chldren knowing hteir entire multiplication tableat the age of four and yeah, I think mommy or dad was "pushing" in that case.

    THe problem with pushing is your child may develop a dislike for learning. THen you may discover you have the opposite problem on your hands. SO yes continue with yur child at the childs pace don't discourage by over doing it and and don't under do it either.

    Most parents can tell if they have over done it with their child by the childs body language weither it be as subtleas turning head direction repeatedly or getting up and running away as quick as those little legs will carry them.

    I'm a firm believer in allowing children to be children. It seems to me that our society has gotten away from that. so remember baby is only 2 years old. Most of all "all he needs is love love love. love is all he need."

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    Does it matter? lol! It might be a little advanced than children who's parents don't work with them.

    Seriously, you should encourage him no matter where his skills register, and be glad and rejoice in who he is! I don't have the reference resource on me, but i've read somewhere that kids who learn primary stuff early, read early, really don't retain an advantage over children who learn later. However, a love of learning is vital to maintain their first position.

    I'll be if he's working with daddy and having fun, learning is fun. Way to go!!!

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    It sounds like he is developing normally. Some kids learn things more quickly than others. You should definitely encourage his learning by reading a lot to him & giving him fun games to play!

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    Sounds pretty good to me, but most kids go through a stage where they're advanced. It doesn't mean he'll be advanced forever, but it doesn't mean he won't either. You're obviously doing a great job. Continue to encourage him, but make sure it's encouragement and not pushing. God bless :-)

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    Has your son's listening to been examined presently? Even a tender to average listening to loss ought to intervene with language progression. once you suggested he would not look to comprehend each thing you assert, that ought to also element to a listening to situation, which will be something so effortless as fluid in his ears. i ought to get it appeared at, and then look at Early Intervention on your son. it really is a start to three application and from what you describe, he ought to qualify for speech. In different parts, it sounds like he's doing quite properly. i ought to have him evaluated through EI and they could grant you with their opinion on his behaviors that ought to issue you. reading to him is an wonderful theory. I have examine 8 or extra books an afternoon to my son considering that early infancy and that's really helped his receptive language very much, even with his listening to impairment. (He suffers from bilateral average to reasonably severe sensorineural listening to loss). At 23 months corrected age/2 years 3 months easily age, he has about 280 words, yet maximum are approximations and 2d syllables are uncommon. He receives weekly speech remedy through EI.

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