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How can I become more generous? I do quite a lot ot things for people but I'd like to do it more happily?

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    try not to expect anything back: that is the ROOT cause of all good intentions going sour..... think of it as though the person probably will forget, or not appreciate it..... and when they do u will be glad, and when they don't u won't be surprised..and u are doing good things for others cuz YOU want to, not cuz u have an agenda or need feedback. :) good for you~

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    You should do it out of the kindness of your heart. Not if you feel like you have to. If it doesn't make you happy doing it, then stop doing it. You should only do things like that if you feel good about it.

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    Sometimes when we do things for the same people over & over, we begin to get resentful. Try volunteering for a charity - you'll feel rewarded AND appreciated.

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    try opening your mouth and nodding your head yes lol!

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