how do i calculate the electromagnetic pull or push?

please explain the formula so that the average person could understand

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    1 decade ago
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    the force in newtons from an ELECTRIC field is F=qE where q is the charge of the object and E the the magnitude of the electric field in newton meters.

    Magnetic fields are more complicated. F=q*vxB. This is read, Force is equal to q times v cross B. q is the charge of the body, v is its vector velocity. Vector meaning it describes its directional motion, not just its speed. and B is the vector, or direction and magnitude of the magnetic field. In order to take a cross product you'll need some basic vector analysis. Search for cross product.

    The total force from both electric and magnetic is given by:


    which is commonly refered to as the Lorentzian force.

    NOTE: I didn't include minus and positive signs because I forgot them. Check the formula's.

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