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Does anyone understand how I violated Yahoo Community Guidelines with this question (see details)?

I got a 10 point deduction and violation notice because someone reported me. Here is the question that I got in trouble for:

Question: Women, do you prefer older men or younger men, and why?

Question Details: ...and men, do you prefer older women or younger women, and why?


Can you figure out what I did that was wrong and/or offensive? I don't see it.

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    There's NOTHING wrong with that question. What most likely happened is that someone who has serious hang-ups of a sexual nature got offended by it and reported it. Often, the Yahoo censor system just automatically removes questions that are reported instead of going thru the trouble of actually adjudicating. Saves time, and time=money.

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    It really depends on the person who reported you. The computer doesn't read the question that was reported, it just knows that the question received an abuse mark. So it deducted automatically and e-mailed you. Honestly, it wasn't really Yahoo who made the decision. There aren't a bunch of People that review the questions. It is all governed by computer and the push of a button by someone who was offended by your question. Who knows they may have clicked on the wrong icon for all that matters.

    I personally do not find this question offensive, unless you added something in the additions other than what you are displaying now and not disclosing it with us. I wouldn't worry about it to much. But, if you to find someone that is reporting you excessively then that person could have it out for you for some reason.

    Good Luck and Take Care

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    Was there any explanation in the e-mail? I got a violation once and it said that I was chatting. Your question looks ok to me but maybe somebody gay would take offense that you didn't include them or something like that.

    As an answer I'm male and prefer women younger than myself because women my age aren't as active as I am or willing to hike and camp etc.

  • I have no idea, but obviously someone was offended. Wrong

    forum perhaps. I did see the question, but I bounce around from

    forum to forum so I don't remember which forum it was on.

    I didn't answer because it is none of your business.

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    Or, more likely is that someone didn't like an answer you gave and they reported you out of spite. Reporting is bad Juju....

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    They just pick and chose. There is no reasoning behind it. Monkeys.

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    no big deal....there are more idiots on here than you'll ever know. continue with your good questions.

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    maybe you asked it in the wrong section!

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    I don't see it either.

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