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why did volchok kill marrisa in the OC again? (i only watched season 1 and am now watching season 4 so i dunno

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    Volchok did not kill Marissa on purpose. He had her, freaked out, then did the wrong thing. So he got what he deserved, but not what he wanted, which was her. Anyways, on the last episode, Marissa was offered a job on a cruise line where he father worked. She accepted and Ryan was to drive her to the sirport and send her off. A drunk Volchok follows their tail in hopes of getting Marissa back. He keeps telling Ryan to pull over, but he resists. Thus, Volchok makes a final slam into Ryan's car, which in turn drives the car off the road. It undergoes several flips and dives. Then we are left with an unconsious Marissa whose last words were, "No, stay. Don't leave." Kaboom! The car explodes, and the screen fades out with a sulking Ryan. Anyways, that was the background. If you watched the third episode of the fourth season, you'll see the part when Volchok is encountered by Ryan several months after the accident. Ryan, nearly teary eyed, asks Volchok why he did what he did. He reluctantly says that he was in fact trying to get Ryan. [Ryan] had the girl, and he couldn't deal with it. Tried to get him to pull over, but Ryan didn't want to, so what happened happened.

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    He didn't mean to kill her. Volchek was involved with Marissa. Then Marissa realized what a big loser he was and how she started doing drugs since she was with him, so she ditched him. Ryan and here were starting to get close again, and Volchek was jealous. Ryan was taking Marissa to the airport when Volchek ran them off the road. Marissa died.

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    He kept hitting the car she was in so he could get her to stop and pull over and talk to her....

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