first bike?

im takin my motorcycle classes soon, and then from there im gonna buy my first bike. im in love with any honda CB series from the 70's or triumph tiger or bonneville looking models. are those good first bikes? why or why not

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    See what your motorcycle instructor thinks because he/she is going to know a little bit about your riding ability and chances are they have experience too.

    The Bonneville is a good bike and there are some used ones out there. If you want an older bike there is plenty of old Yamaha 650 Specials that are similar to the Bonnie. My first bike was a 1100cc V-Twin and the thing you have to remember is not so much the size of the engine, but the overall size and weight of the bike. You have a throttle to control the engine .... use it.

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    Buy a cheap used 250 or 500 off the craigslist - they are the best first bikes. Motorcycle classes are great but nothing beats experience. I bought a brand new Ninja 650 but haven't rode until I rode (and dropped several times) a used 250 bike for 3-4 months. I am sure I saved a lot of damage to my new 650. Moving on to 650 was easy after that. I sold the 250 for the same amount I bought it for, so didn't lose anything.

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    I did my CBT almost 2years ago and got my first bike which was a Honda CBR RR - she was only a year old and a beauty. Im not too sure on the older bikes, but certainly Honda's are known for being real realiable, good bikes with good, solid engines!!

    My partner has the new 10 Kate Honda - James Towsland Replica and he absolutely loves it - he was Suzuki man before, but fell in love with the Fireblade and now says that he will only ever have Hondas from now on (alot of his biker mates are also Honda fans)

    Im doing my big bike test in January and Im planning on getting a babyblade (I plan to work my way up through the ranks rather then jumping straight on anything big)

    But, I agree with you, I LOVE the old classic bikes, and I reckon with a Honda you really can't go wrong!!!!!!

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    If you are looking at original bikes from the 70's then I suggest you also take mechanics lessons!

    There are some good retro styled machines made now, take a look at some of them. Triumph make a reasonable new Bonneville (leave the new Tiger alone, it needs to be proven mechanically). As a great first bike I'd take a serious look at the new Kawasaki 650 Verso. Crap name maybe but it's getting rave reviews.

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  • 1 decade ago

    my first bike was honda transalp 600......i like it a lot.:)))))

    you could try a kawasaki kle 500 for a few mounths

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