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Liberals want Bush prosecuted for "war crimes" but not the terrorists, why?

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    Vanman8u's answer is case in point: Bush is de facto guilty (no stated crime, no defense) but due process for terrorists.

    What a country.

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    The Justice Department is an arm of the executive branch, and the GOP still controls both the House and Senate, so the only chance of investigation and/or prosecution of the administration is if the Dems take over either the House (which I believe they will--and start impeachment proceedings regardless of whether or not they should) or the Senate in November. But right now, it's not going to happen. But a lot could change after the elections.

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    Uh, it's Bush who has refused to even look for Bin Laden.

    Bush has committed war crimes, and should be tried for it. That doesn't say that terrorism is good, it just says that the terrorists aren't the only criminals.

    All terrorists should also stand trial, and if their guilt is proven in a legitimate court of law, should face punishment.

    Every human being on the planet agrees with that.

    But Bush wants to punish people who happened to be nearby when bombs went off, not the people actually responsible for terror.

    The innocent should not be punished. All human being also agree with this.

    And all human being want Bush tried for his crimes.

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    Yes, there are far left extremists in the Democratic Party, just as there are far right extremists in the Republican Party. They can all go take a flying leap IMO. Pelosi and her supporters are spending a lot of time calming down the far lefters and informing them that there will not be impeachment proceedings. This indicates the beginning of the return of moderates and it's about time. That goes for both sides of the aisle. At least the moderates understand that we've got bigger issues to deal with right now than wasting the next two years on trying to impeach a President.

    I'm really not trying to be facetious here Cora, but which liberal is it that is opposing prosecuting terrorists? That's one I haven't heard yet. If you have any direct quotes or information I'd appreciate a link so I write to them and ask them if I can pay their passage to Afghanistan.

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    Stop being silly. Everyone wants the terrorists prosecuted. Most also want Bush prosecuted for 'war' crimes. And he should be.

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    Don't know where you get your information but I want the terrorists brought to justice.

    Being concerned about Bush handling of the constitution and the war does not mean you're pro terrorist.

    I agree on this with Bush as I stated over and over again,they are fascists

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    The terrorists do not want to prosecute Bush they want to cut peoples head off.And blow up people shopping for groceries.

    Are you a terrorist?

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    I don't want Bush Prosecuted for war crimes. What terrorist responsible for 9/11 don't we want prosecuted? Nothing would give me more satisfaction then seeing Ben Ladin caught, capture and tortured every day of his rotten life

  • capu
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    Nobody said terrorists shouldn't be prosecuted. And Bush has committed war crimes. They both should be charged.

    This is typical conservative b u l l s hit. Set up a position nobody has taken, and then condemn it.

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    Because I HELLBENT the liberal do not want to be prosecuted.

    We liberals are terrorist sympathizers Cora and we know that if the terrorists go to trial we could (and should) be next).

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Their hate for America and Bush is mind boggling!!!

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