A look into hell book.?

There is a book that's about someone's look into hell. I think they like died for a little while, then were sent there....and came back alive or something. I think it's supposedly factual, and was told about it from someone in my youth group.

If you know anything, please let me know.

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    I have heard it told from my Pastor and another Teacher. But I forgot the name of the person. It is a true story. Of course there are more than one.

    The person I heard of had a heart attack and died, was at hells gates. Cried out to Jesus & why he was there since he was very religious, and Jesus told him that he wasn't born again. He came back to life in the hospital and he died again and the same answer was told to him. He awoke in the hospital bed and Confessed Jesus his Lord & Savior and was born of God.

    I am sure there is a book out. Do a web search.

    There is a book out by a lady who Jesus took (in a vision) to hell (and left her there) then heaven. But the Lord told me that it was a false Jesus, wasn't Jesus Christ of Nazareth. So that book was torn up. It is the Holy Spirit that reveals if a story is true or not.

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    It would fall under "fantasy." It was written by some lady back in the 80's and she claimed that she had a tour through hell led by Jesus. It was absolutely ridiculous. If I remeber the title I will "edit" my post or email you. good luck on your search.

  • Hell=Grave.

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    It could be very well true because time, as we know it stops when we die. The person describing hell was in it for just part of his eternity.

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    Here's the chapter on hell


    I almost died once (dehydration) and I didn't see nothing.

    I went unconscous, my lips turned white, and someone had to resistate me or I would have died.

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    Two words, honey--scare tactic.

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