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I have natural hair now what are some styles other then braids, I could wear?

My hair is short and very thick, what styles should I wear?

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    That,s great,now that your natural ask your hairdresser and really do your homework on different styles that are out there because you might of not seen the styles that would best fit you,but if you want your hair a certain way,experement with weave,color,even if

    you want grow your hair you can do that with some hightlights. i

    don,t know what you like,but don,t worry be happy with the way you look and the way you are,you have alot of styles to choose

    from just do research,i bet your natural hair is so pretty so you should,nt have much trouble, i just hope and pray that you be happy and that you find and get the change that you want and i

    hope and pray that this advice helps you because i know how is it! Good Luck!!!

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    Congrats on going natural:)You can wear bantu knots,braid outs,twists,twist-outs,cornrows,2-strand triwsts,or wear it out with different colored scarves or headbands.Also try hair accesories.

    Source(s): personal experience:)
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    There's nothing cooler than the big, stylish afro with a head wrap or natural.

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    i agree. you could look at locs. they can be started in many diffrent sizes it's up to you.

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