18 month old with ant bites?

i was just outside walking my dog{we live in an apartment} with my 18 months son and daughter 4 years playing a few feet away when i picked my son up to go back inside he had ants all over his legs he was fine still playing but as i frantically wiped them off i saw ant bites about thirty all together on both legs my daughter was fine didnt have a single bite he still doesnt seemed bothered by them this happened about 20 min. ago but i dont no what to do i have anti itch cream and bug bite relief but should i put it on him? he seems fine what should i do?

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    You should capture a couple of the ants and call the doctor. Since he is so little you probably don't know if he is allergic to them. A daughter of a friend was biten by a bunch of ants at the age of 5yrs but for up to an hour after the biting she was fine. Then she started feeling ill & lathargic so she took her to the ER. She was having an allergic reation to the bites. She was in the hospital for almost 5 days and recovered fully but you never know with yours being so little. Better safe than sorry I say, especially with my kids.

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    It will probably go away. Just keep an eye on the swelling. If she has an allergic reaction then you'll know cause it'll get worse. Most ant bites cause some swelling. At least the red ants out here.

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    Don't worry about this. If he shows signs of irritation, by all means put the cream on. Until then, don't bother. He is okay!

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    well if dont seem to bother him and you dont see any visable swelling like major or anything. make sure he can breath his heart feels like it is a normal beat and he can still feel his body, i think that he should be ok! but if he starts to complain about his chest hurting or not able to breath right or abnormal swelling i would take him to the ER A.S.A.P.

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    He's probably fine. Don't put the cream on unless they seem to be bothering him.

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