how do i create my own team in FIFA 07 on xbox 360?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    If you ever need any help with a video game, check first. They offer walk throughs (online guides) and cheat codes for free. It's a well respected site in the video game community.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    to make it easier to be attentive to the reality i actually dont advise you employing potential strikes on fifa 07 on account that its merely slows your interest velocity down and plus the CPU comes away with the ball most of the time the only way you are able to fool the CPU is in prepare mode. yet right here is going purely some skills strikes i be attentive to yet be conscious you never use the rapid button merely the joystick or it wont artwork another crap will come out Rouhlette or how ever you spell it (the trick whilst the ball is going via precise of the participant) FROM LEFT TO stunning merely circulate forward in the path you going (with out the rapid button pressed down) and merely circulate the ideal joystick DOWN, THEN merely turn IT CLOCKWISE nicely enable's think of DOWN, 6 to 12 lol thats one i be attentive to and use desire you understood FROM stunning TO LEFT you the comparable circulate in the path your going and circulate the ideal joystick DOWN and turn IT COUNTER CLOCKWISE FROM 6 to one million

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