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If Jesus wasnt God's sacrifical son, why does God continue to allow Christianty to be the biggest religion?

I DONT BELIEVE IN ANY RELIGION. This question is a follow-up to the amazingly poor reasoning used in a question by a person who asked the same, about Muhammad.

Clearly, if you think that Islam must be true, because it is the second largest religion in the world and God wouldnt allow it otherwise, you are pathetically lacking in intelligence.

If your foolish enough to use this logic, then of course you must become Christian, cause God has allowed people to believe Jesus is the son of man, for 2000 years!

It doesnt matter whether Islam came along after and created another prophet they also called "jesus", the fact remained that non-muslim Christians continued to believe otherwise, in larger numbers, and still continue to believe otherwise in larger numbers, all with God's persmission!

Wow. The level of stupidty here is just unreal. How can you have any faith in humans when you see such stupidity?


Amazing. "Islam is the largest religion". What an outright lie, its not for debate. Christianty is easily thje largest religion in the world...the fact that someone would debate that shows how amazingly ignorant and brainwashed these people are.

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    Well if you want to follow that logic, than why is there Buddhism? Why are atheists not destroyed or better yet, why doesn't God appear before us all and prove that He exists?

    I admit when I saw this question, my first thought was. What an idiot. LOL

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    Your question at the TOP. answer.. Jesus is Gods son, that was sacrificed on the cross for all our sins. and we may be in some places the biggest religion, but not everywhere, and that is growing, even in america. Do you know how many Muslims are moving into america and buying up property and business. One day, they will take us over and begin to force us into their muslim beliefs. Koran says all must die that arent like them. Islam is a false relgion, but has many follwers, and militant followers. They want to take over the world, and we need to do something about it. they move to american, and pretend to be so diffrent than they are portrayed on tv. its a farce to get us to lower our guard. Read the tenants of their faith in the Koran. Dont be deceived.

    Stupidity?? Stupidity is when truth is before you and you dont see it. like you cant see the forrest for the treees. Ppl still battling over what came first, the chicken or the egg, in debation creationsim versis evolution. devil loves it, we are being deceived from al lsides, and too stupid to see it. Either a person jump on now with God for protection or they will be lost.

    God doesnt allow us to just believe in Jesus, nor does He force us. We believe because its true, and there is so much evidecne. While ppl debate relgion and creation, they could study the Bible and see, its all there. So is God. We dont believe in God because it is convenient. WE believe in God because God is real. When you have a face to face connection with God and see the change He makes in your life, you KNOW it too.

    Not sure what you wanted, you have an original question and much stuff following it that didnt all fit together.

    The only foolish man is one that wont follow God. and God tells us to say that to no man, that is HIS JOB>

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    Much of our world has been shaped by Christ. His teachings are throughout western society. The impact of christians for good is felt all around the world. Things like hurricane relief, tsunami relief, famine relief, etc.... are all done constantly by christians and countries founded on Judeo-christian beliefs.

    The secular progressives are actively seeking to change all that. They want a society void of religion, so they seek to remove all signs of it. They criticize those who practice christianity. They want to make christians look bad whenever they can.

    Christians are still sinners and will always make mistakes just like everyone else, but the standard is higher.

    There have been movements over the past 2000 years to squelch the message of Christ and they have all failed. Look at the former USSR. They outlawed religion and their superpower crashed and burned.

    I don't think a theocracy is the way to go, but removing God from society is the other extreme. WE need balance

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    Truth may be suggested by the number of believers but reality can also be possible to be found in the unpopular one. So, do not call each other stupid for a day may come that none of what many believe is true. As God allows religions to get big, he also allows it to disappear in due time because humans create religions and God create the humans. He did not dictate as to how your belief should be labeled. Christ himself said that many deceivers will come in his name and he will be called Christ. He added,"Do not follow them." So, look closely where you stand. It might be a sinking sand.

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    in case you look on both genealogies of Christ, one in Matthew and the different in Luke, they're diverse. They diverge after the son of David, King Solomon. some peope see this as an blunders. some see it as a miracle. The Bible says that Jesus change into of the "abode and lineage" of David. This sounds like an same ingredient, despite the indisputable fact that it it no longer. The "abode" got here with the help of Joseph because Joseph raised him and change right into a father to him. In a experience, Jesus change into followed through him because he raised Him as his personal. yet, the lineage also got here with the help of David because Jesus is the son-in-regulation of Mary's father, Matthat, who change into also from the line of David. It says "son" despite the indisputable fact that it can also advise son in regulation. Which indicated the virgin beginning.

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    What does God have to do with any religion?

    The idea of religion is a human-based means of controlling a population.

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    islam is the largest religion not christianity

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    Faith is what you believe, if you have no faith you cannot understand, if you have faith you have no need to explain.

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    Actually, the minority opinion is usually the right one.

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    I agree.

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