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im 14 and i have a crush on a really hot guy. but he has a g/f?

WHAT SHOULD I DO! how do i tell him that i like him without sounding too desperate??


and he is like in gr 10 or 11 lmao i dont knoe i forget

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    Do absolutely nothing. Once you get in the habit of interfering in other people's relationships, you set the pace for your whole life.

    Look at it like this, if he becomes interested in you HE'S a cheater. I'm sure you're a great person, why would you even want a cheater? If you take the moral high ground, you will attract QUALITY-men. If you try to get guys that would cheat on their girlfriends, you invite a crappy guy into YOUR LIFE that will ultimately do the same to you. You are in control of your life, plenty of shitty things happen to people that we have no control over, so why CHOOSE to enter into a bad situation? You're better than that. Ultimately you will EARN your own respect, if you respect your self, everyone around you will too.

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    dont tell him you like him, 14 year old boys dont know how to like girls they like video games. wait till your almost 16 to date people sweetie.

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    Tell him "I really like you, but I am not desperate"

  • if he has a g/f he is off limits! don't tell him . i wouldn't like it if some girl came up to my bf and told him that she liked him. imagine if u had a bf and some girl did that. wouldn't u be mad?

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    just tell him... and make some moves !!

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