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Who to start? Betts or DeAngelo Williams?

I also have Tiki Barber & Kevin Jones. I am using Betts or Williams as my flex.

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    I would use both Betts & Williams

    bench Jones ......

    Pats will dominate Lions,

    so Kitna will need to throw

    a lot in 2nd half to even have

    a shot at keeping score close

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    I like Tiki and Betts.

    I think you can rule out Kevin Jones, because he will be playing the Patriots at new England.

    Then, I'm not truly fond of DeAngello Williams this week (I have him on my team). He was a really good choice last week with Deshaun Foster injured, but Foster already practiced this week and he remains the starter.

    That means that probably Williams is going to have at the most 12-15 carries and probably 60-70 yards at the best.

    Tiki has been strugling in the last few weeks, but I think he eventually will bouce least in yardage.

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    Stick with Tiki, I'd go with Williams as the #2, he's been hot and has a great matchup, and I'd probably go with Betts as the flex as he has much easier match with a struggling Atl.

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