Radiologist or Radiology Tech???

I'm thinking about going into some kind of career with math and science...I'm really thinking about radiation. What classes would I have to take? Approx. how many years of school? What are the differences between Radiologist and the Radiology Tech.? Are there any colleges in Kansas that I could go to if I persue this career? Can I still have kids if I go into this career due to the radiation exposure? Any comments are greatly appreciated. If anyone is a Radiologist or Radiology Tech. I would really appreciate you saying what school you went to, what classes you took, how long you were in school, and if you are female have you had children, etc? Thanks so much.

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    A radiologist is a physician, an M.D.

    A radiology technician is a technician who works in an imaging department: xrays, CT Scans, MRI's, etc.

    Call the Radiology Department at you local hospital and talk with the manager. Ask them where the nearest good school for radiology technician's is that he/she likes to hire tech's from.

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    You need a first-rate career and lifestyle counseler. Don't go making decisions based on amateurs who attempt to answer your 20 questions.

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