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what is the difference between a fender squier strat and stratocaster? on one guitar is says strat and the?

other says stratocaster, i though they were the same...


so there's a

fender stratocaster - which is better

there's a fender squier stratocaster - which isn't as good

but why does it say on the guitar strat and ot stratocaster, they're just shorting it?

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    Squier is Fenders student line. They are built well enough for those just learning, but shouldn't be considered for anything but a first guitar.

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    It is the same difference as calling someone Tom rather than Thomas. Strat is just short for Stratocaster. Yes, there is a difference between Fender and Squier. All current Squier models are made in China or Indonesia as far as I know. Fenders are made in the US, Mexico and Japan. Fenders are a higher end models compared to Squier.

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    Squier is more of a smaller, beginner guitar. It's cheaper, and shows with the fret action and sound output. Get the fender strat.

    Edit: OHH I didnt understand the question. The Stratocaster is the full name, and strat is what the write on the head. But still, get a Fender Strat.

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    Fender Squire Strats are made in Korea

    Fender Stratocasters are made either in the US or Japan

    The US model uses a better grade of wood and electronics

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    Squire is Fender's cheap guitar, they make strat models, that are simply made with cheaper materials etc. When buying a strat keep in mind that the best are american, it will say on the back of the head stock where it's made (mexico, japan US). I recommend reading up on these, because I saved +$600 by going with a Mexican, and it sounds BAD-A$$

    Good Luck


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    Squier is the cheaper model of the Strat! Cheaper to build I should say the pick ups,tuners, hardware are not a good as the ones on a strat .

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    Squire strats are cheaper. Cheaper, less select wood for the body and neck. And mass-produced pickups and electronics. Nothing wrong with a squire though. You can get them to have great action, the the tone is versatile. A "real" just has the capability to produce a stronger tone, with better sustain. They will last longer and allow greater customizing.

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