Okay, there was this movie with punk bands.....?

This movie was a comedy of some type, had something to do with metal/punk bands. At the end there was some sort of battle of the bands. During one song, everyone backstage is involuntarily jumping up n down with the music. Out in the crowd, a singer/announcer/whatever is encouraging people to dive from the balcony. Then there is an older black man who had smoked/consumed some substance and ends up walking on air with colored lights playing about him.

This is an older film, prolly early 80s or 70s even.

It is NOT a documentary of any sort...

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    Sounds sort of like "Get Crazy" Starring Daniel Stern (Home Alone), Malcom McDowall, and rock musician Lou Reed. The plot was a rock promoter (a Bill Graham type) was preparing for a New Year's Eve Concert (82-83) when he has a heart attack and thinks he's dying. To culminate his life, he gathers the best musicians he ever promoted for the biggest concert ever. Stern plays the promoters protege who has to handle the craziness this causes. Lou Reed pretty much plays himself, McDowall plays the Mick Jagger type and there is a punk band, a hippie group, and a blues act.

    I have not seen the movie in ages, but I do remember theold blues musician who walks on air thanks to pot, and comments "Good reefer here." Also,every band does the same song (Hoochie Coochie Man?) in their own way.

    I have forgotten the punk singer's name, but I know he fronted a band (Fear?)and was in Streets of Fire and The Decline Of Western Civilization.

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    Howard the Duck

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    sounds like fun....

    sorry dude, never saw it, never heard of anything like it.

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    not sure maybe rock and roll high school

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    Could it be SLC Punk?

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    I have no idea. I should, but I don't.

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