What's been happening on Nip Tuck???

I have missed the last two episodes and can never seem to catch the reruns.


Why did Sean's family leave him?

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    You want two episodes and that takes time.

    But I will be as generous as i can be without dragging this on.

    First they had a big hurricane wich forced Shawn and his family to bunker down. During the storm they were having a small discusion as to where their relationship was going. Shawn's mind wondered. In a surreal dreamlike show he thought of Connor grown up wanting his other hand repaired. Marlo and Julia tried to go off to Paris together after the marriage fell through and that didn't happen, so at this point Julia and Shawn are not married and Marlo is just a freind of the family. Christin is still trying to hit on women two at a time. Their practice is workld renouned. Anna is a tramp that lies steals and does drugs and hates her parents for that Princess party they threw her. An Matt is now a plastic surgeon that performs the surgery on Connor's other hand. At the end of it all Shawn is talking to Anna in the car on way to the airport about all the work it will take to rebuild the area as Julia takes the two kids to New York to go star with Erica her mother.

    Next thing you know Christian is still after Michelle. James is being beaten up for falling behind in her tally of organs. Christian send off for a hooker and winds up with James who drugs him and threatens Michelle to kill him. She goes out and gets her a kidney. Christian fills James' car with bio waste. She sets him up with a date, another hooker. James Michelle she is going to do it again. Michelle kills her husband and gives her his kidneys. Meanwhile Lisa finds herself a new lover who is vane about appearance and annoys the boys but they love Lisa so they give her some liposuction and that is it.

    In a bixaar turn of events Escobar and Melvin return to get surgery. Melvin is Escobar's prison boy and needs his rectum reconstructed. Escobar has had his face burned off and wants it returned to what it was. The first surgery goes off no problem. The second surgery, melvin tries to kill Escobar and Shawn stops him. Escobar and his boys break out killing all the guards. Escobar goes to Shawn's house to tell them they are free and leaves a dead guy on Shawn's counch. The witness to the body they dumped in the everglades. This is also the episode where Julia comes clean about Marlo and Shawn comes clean about Melony.

    Still going, James fakes an injury to end up in the clinic so that she can do night surgeries when the boys are away. Christian proposes to Michelle but she choses to live withhim instead provided he sell his apartment. he does but he is tormented by the number of women he slept wih there and almost calls the whole thing off. Shawn agrees to put a dead man's ashes in a woman's breast implants only to find out that he was not her husband and now he has to remove them so that the man's actual wife can flushe them down the toilet which she thinks she does only Shawn saved them and gave them to the other woman who loved the man. Mario lopez buys the apartment. james does her dirty deed and Michelle covers it up. Shawn tells her Christian can help her with her problems whatever they may be.

    And now for this week. Shawn is turning into a drunk. Christian has been given Marlo as his biological father died and the rest of the family does not want him. Michelle doesn't want him either but they take him on a wait and see basis for her. Shawn shoots a woman's clitorus with too much fluid making her overly orgasmic because he is drunk. He plays Santa at the mall but is so drunk the kids want their money mback. He winds up getting oral sex from a dwarf dressed up like an elf in Santa's shed and Christian and Lisa see him doing so. Later he finds himself drunk on the beach whe he finds a drunk who is trying to help him not fall into the bottle again. They become friends and Shawn takes the guy to the clinic for stitches and a place to sleep. James being threatened again by her bosses drugs the man and takes all his organs. Earlier that day Escobar sent the boys a cooked ham and so the FBI are all around the building and fixing to put cameras in the building as well. James calls Michelle who is with Christian and Wilbur who she suddenly likes now that she knows that he is black. Michelle goes don to the clinic and helps James cut up the body and walk it out the door past the FBI in duffle bags like christmas presents given they hav put on Shawn's Santa suit. This leaves Christian, Shawn and Wibur to gether on Christas eve. Julia called earlier that day to tell Shawn that Anna had the strep and they would not be there. Matt told him that he and Kimber were going on a cruise so they would not be there. Oh and by the way, Shawn told the drunk that he was getting divorced. I had to throw that one in.

    Now you are cauht up and I am tired. I know this is more than you asked for but it makes no sense otherwise.

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    Michelle and Christian are getting married. James', Wilbur's dad, died and left Christian Wilbur.

    Sean's family left him so this week he got piss drunk and played Santa, which led to him getting a bl*wjob by a little person who was playing an elf. He also befriended an homeless man who he let sleep in McNamara/Troy.

    Of course James, the kidney stealing witch, was the other person in recovery with the man and stole his body parts.

    Next week, it seems like someone kidnaps Wilbur and we hear someone asking how much kid's kidneys go for. Gina will be back briefly next week. James (the woman) appears to pull a gun on Michelle.

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