I had a small baby possum show up in my house this morning. Are there more coming??

This morning a small baby possum came out from under a chair my cat trapped him under for the night...I believe. The night before we heard noises coming from the fireplace insert and I believe somehow it came in that way and then found it's way into the house during the night. The possum has run out of the house. I am just wondering if there are more to come?? Could I have baby possums showing up in the next few days?? I am so not nature so I have no knowledge on this kind of thing at all. Could someone shed some light on this for me?

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    Depending on how young the baby is, it probably won't survive long without its mother.

    Any other baby possums left behind will have the same problem - so it's more likely you'll find a sad, stinky little former baby possum some day.

    However, it's likely that the one you saw is the only one. If more than one fell off, the cat probably would have cornered them all in the same hiding spot. It's unlikely they would have split up.

    If the mother had dropped her entire litter, she probably wouldn't have been as willing to cut and run either, and would probably come back for them.

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    Glad to help. The possum, first of all didn't come in through the fireplace insert. Your cat is one lucky kitty-----Even a small possum is way more than a match for a cat--------------As far as more possums coming, probably will happen. Somewhere in your house, a female possum has found a place to give birth to babies. Being nocturnal critters, you might have a very hard time discovering them. You don't say what part of the country you are in, but if the winter weather is setting in by you, these guests will have little reason to leave.

    I'd suggest professional help, a firm or government organization skilled in evicting such undesirable visitors (assuming of course that you want them out.)

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    You should definitely have your chimney capped to prevent more animals trying to enter or stuff it full of nuts.(!) I hope you know someone who can do this, it is not a complicated task, and the caps are sold in most home-repair mega-stores.

    We just paid a company called "Critter Control" to remove a nest of squirrels from our attic. They went all over the outside of the house and roof, and found where the squirrels chewed through the screen over the attic fan, set traps for the animals inside, and took away 3 squirrels before putting a stainless steel mesh cover over the fan. It cost about $500.00, all told.

    The initial examination is about $180.00, and each squirrel removed was $50. The rest was for the cover.

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    not if you close the doors

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