Do I need visa to visit Dominican Republic?

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    you only need a visa if you'll be staying longer than 90 days, other than that you just have to pay the $10 for a tourist card. a passport is very recommended

    Source(s): have visited like 100 times with my dominican wife
  • morris
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    No, but you must purchase a tourist card for $10 as soon as you arrive at the airport in the DR. If you are from the US a passport will be required after jan 1 2007.

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    / 03DEC06 / 1714 UTC

    National U.S.A. (US)



    Passport recommended.

    However, below documents are also accepted provided travelling

    for tourist or business purposes:

    - original birth certificate or Birth Registration Papers or

    military hospital issued Birth Certificate accompanied by

    official photo ID document (i.e. driver's licence) of holder;


    - Naturalisation papers/certificate and ID card.

    Note: children under 18 years of age are not required to hold

    accompanying photo ID.

    Visa not required for a max. stay of 30 days, provided holding

    Tourist Card (issued on arrival). No photos required.

    Fee: USD 10.-.

    Extension possible for a stay of 90 days. Fee: DOP 62.40.

    Further extensions possible.

    Note: Tourist Card not required if born in Dominican Rep.

    Visitor must hold:

    - return or onward ticket (one-way ticket allowed if born in

    Dominican Rep. or if being foreign minor, but travelling

    with parents who are nationals of Dominican Rep.); and

    - all documents required for next destination.

    Non-compliance with entry regulations will result in

    deportation on same aircraft and carriers will be fined USD

    1,000.- for transporting passengers with improper documents.

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    You need a form of ID a passport works best. As another said, you have to pay 10 dollars and fill something out when you arrive.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Where are you from?..

    It would be necesary to bring a passport (ONLY PASSPORT, NOT VISA) with you beginnig January 2007. Americans (from North America) usually didn´t use it, but with this new law of migration, they will have to.



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    No, just a very good body guard.

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