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Should I do an internship and what are the benifits.?

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    I agree with the last post. Doing an internship gets you the VALUABLE experince. More importantly, it and makes sure that this is REALLY what you want to do for the rest of your life. It also helps you decide if this is a place where you would like to work.

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    All major companies consider internships to be valuable "work experience" and most companies are looking for people with work experience. Also many companies give full time offers to people that have had an internship. Its like test driving a car before you buy it.

    Lastly, internships give you some experience as to what working in a certain field will really be like. You should take a look at this website to see what some people had to say about thier internships.

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    It may be the only way to get experience on your resume. Many or most employers require experience and you can lock that up with an internship. And you will probably learn a lot.

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