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period question?

I just got my first period today when i first woke up.

My mom gave me some pads to have just incase so im all covered.

She is at work now and I havent told her yet, so I was wondering if i should call her? or wait till she gets home (at 5 -3 hrs from now)


Dont worry, Im not all going frantic about this, i really couldnt care less, I was just looking for advice.

The fact that I got my first period doesnt scare me, im cool about it :)

Update 2:

Oh, and any suggestions on HOW to tell her :p

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    I'm sure it can wait, but if you want to tell her and you think it would be ok, call her at work.... I have a son so I can't tell you firsthand, but Mom's usually want to know these things...

  • bess
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    1 decade ago

    When my girls started I wanted to know. It is a big thing for Mom to see her girl growing up but if you aren't cramping you could wait and tell her when she gets home but keep in mind that when my girls told me I bought them presents.

  • Anonymous
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    when i first got mine i waited like 5 hours then when she was laying down going to sleep i just told her she was all exicted so expect your mom to be like "oo my little girl is growing up blah blah blah" if shes that kind of mom

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    I say call her and tell her, She will want to know! When I got mine, my mom was Very happy and took me shopping! YAY for periods!

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  • 1 decade ago

    call her... there is no shame in that. Congrats and welcome to womanhood!

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