Can you provide assistance on a trip to Mexico?

So for Xmas I want to give my boyfriend a trip to Mexico. We live in San Diego so it's not too far. I'm looking for a nice place, nothing scummy and nothing over-priced. We want to see the sights of MX (not just the crazy nightlife you know). I'm looking for a reputable place that's all inclusive or a good travel agent who isn't going to charge an extra $20 per request. Any suggestions on where in MX to go or a travel company to use? Thanks so much!

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    Take a cruise from San Diego. Holland America Line travels to Mexico for 7 - 10 days from San Diego. Great food, great prices, and lots of touring in each city they stop in. I just went on the 7-day and I loved it. I got to see Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, and Cabo. Mazatlan was my favorite. So Beautiful and cultural. Don't go through a Travel agent that is going to charge you for their services. Most agents are paid from the company they book you with and should not be over charging you for the same thing you could book on your own. They will charge an extra fee for airline reservations just because the airlines do not pay them commissions anymore. If you go on a cruise you can call the company direclty.

  • Well it's not a travel agency or anything, but check out and plan the trip yourself. My husband and I travel quite a bit and we always use Priceline and usually pay about $45-$55 dollars for 4 star hotels. :)

    Good luck and have fun on that trip!!

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    Fly to Mazatlan or Vallarta

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    go to

    they are all inclusive hotels and they have several locations in Mexico.

    Good Luck on your vacation!

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