What are man-made carcinogens?

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    These are typically chemicals which do not occur naturally which increase a body's chances of developing cancer. These chemicals in some cases interfere chemically with your body's DNA and allow certain errors in transcription (which cause cancer) to occur.

    Fiberglass for instance is a man made mineral which is considered to be a carcinogen.

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    Types of chemicals that give a creature cancer.that or man made usually.used to be rare in my grandfathers day for someone to get cancer. now its one in four will get it in there lifetime. soon it will be fifty % then 75% then 100% since humans or so nasty.by spreading out there chemical waste into the environment.then we eat it, drink it, and breath it and cancer cells or in the body at all times, but the t cells fight to kill them. but when you get a chemical in there. it causes a reaction.of cancer cells being produced. and this chemical just stays there in that place where it settles into. then the t cells cant keep up with killing the cancer cells and they take over that area of the body, and then you have tumors, and other cancers.Humans will suffer from the effects of the pollution for many 1000s of years.probably millions.this dumping into the environment of our waste is horrible. and people don't seem to care that were dieing from its effects on us.

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    These are insecticides, food preservatives, taste and aroma enhancers, artificial colors, sweeteners, etc which have been produced by scientists to be a benefit in some way to us, but, have been shown to actually tend to cause some type of cancers to grow instead of doing their intended job and not harm anyone. They are prohibited from producing and selling such things by the government whenever it is determined to do more harm than good.

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    any chemical that causes cancer. there are hundreds

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