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S. Jackson, Gore, Addai and T. Henry. I can start 3 of the 4, who should it be?

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    Jackson's been on fire lately and has an easy match in Ari., Gore's the same on fire and NO won't give him much trouble, and Addai is hard to bench and Tenn's D isn't much to brag about.

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    Jackson, Gore and Henry. Addai won't have the week he did last week.

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    addai,jackson and henry . addai is going to have another TD tangent because the tennesse dfence is going to have to keep peyton manning in cheak leaving the run open

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    Definately start Gore and Jackson, then Id go with a coin toss on the third one :)

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  • jackson, addai, henry, gores banged up, says plz answer my fantasy question (week 13)

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    Jackson-Addia-Gore { check injury report}

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