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What would be the case, if an officer told you the Miranda Rights,and asked you if you understood them ?

And your response was ,"No"... You he/she just repeated them again ?

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    For a confession to be admissible, the waiver of rights must by knowing and voluntary. This means if you made it clear that you did not understand your rights, the officer should attempt to reread and explain them to you. The officer should not ask you any questions until it is clear that you understand your rights.

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    If you say you don't understand them, they will be repeated to you again and again until you get it. It is a right to an attorney and anything you say can and will be held against you in court. What is it you don't understand? Usually in a case with a person such as yourself, who possibly does not understand due to mental limitations, The Officer will assume you do not want to waive these rights. But the arrest, will of course continue.

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    It means you have not been mirandized yet. If you continually answer no then nothing you say can be heald against you in a court of law. The cop can explain it every which way they can. If you continue not to get it they'll just arrest you without asking questions until you can be mentally evaluated.

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    Well they are telling you, you have the right to keep your trap shut. So you should have just done it. By saying you dont understand does not change anything regards to the arrest in the first place.

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    If you say no they will ask what is it you don't understand.

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