How do you install the sims 2 pets?

Mine is the pc cd version of it. And I have been trying to download it since early this morning. For some reason it keeps getting stuck on 58% for the memory and after 3 retries it went past that. But now when I get closer to being finished, after you use disk 2 and it wants disk 1 in there, its not reading it or something. Because there is no noise or sound from the computer letting u know that it has taken off and will start loading disk 1. Is it possible I will need to delete my custom downloads because I will do that if that gets me enough room to get my game working correctly.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    i think you might need a clean install of the game since it hit a problem while trying to instal it the first time. However when i installed WoW on my friends computer it keep asking for disk one. I ignored the message and keep going through the disk. it installed properly and then when i finshed i put back in disk 1and it works

  • Well, If you have the CD you just pop it in to your Computer Disc slot and Sims 2 installation thing should pop up. The only safe way to do this is with the CD. Please do not download Sims 2 for the internet, it will contain a virus.

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