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wouldn't it be nice to take day off if there is nothing to do at work?

i am so bored and dont understand y can't i go home. :-)


well there are times its very buy. but if there is no project its boring.

Update 2:

yep no pay that is true. but i am just talking in general.

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    I am in exactly the same position! Take a walk, take a nap, read a book... My company was acquired and I am just biding my time until they let me go in a couple months. Until then, they want to pay me for sitting here "just in case". It sucks. I feel for you, and I concur. They should just let us stay home.

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    If you get your work done in advance, and have vacation or personal time available, there shouldn't be a problem with taking time off.

    If you want to be innovative, can you use the time to do something useful at your work, such as organizing a better system of filing or processing information. Then you can add that to your resume that you initiated improvements on your own, or designed a new system that the company adopted.

    You can also offer to cross-train in other duties so you expand your work experience, and can even learn management skills.

  • Jen
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    Some company's let people go home when there is not enough work, but don't expect to get paid.

    Heck, I have that problem almost everyday. So, I sit at my desk and get paid. Not so bad sometimes.

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    It's nice to take the day off, but we all need the money.

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  • Sara S
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    i hardly have anything to do at I go online all day! better to get paid being on Yahoo Answers than at home not paid...??!!!

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    You can go home. They might not pay you.

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    heads up if there is nothing to do at work don't expect that job to last.

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